Cheers to our Democratic Heartthrobs..

We wouldn't want it any other way.. :)

Idol Worship of Sexxxy Democrats WorldWide
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Inspired by a great idea from a friend at howard_dean, the only forum to gush, either seriously or jokingly, about some of the amazingly handsome democrats we have elected to preside over us. Please use this forum for your utmost entertainment, and not at the expense of others. This creation is meant to invoke good feelings only, and ulterior motives to invoke otherwise will not be treated kindly. Thank you for stopping by and please join, for the fun and the beauty of it all!!
Some Great Democratic Hotties Include:
Howard Dean
Dennis Kucinich

John Edwards

And This is only the Democratic presidential candidates! If you have any one I should add to the list, please let me know! Enjoy!